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Welcome to the Free Thought Network, home to FreeThoughtRadio: Free Radio for Freethinkers

The #1 Internet Radio Station for Freethinkers, Skeptics, Humanists, Liberals, Brights, Universists, Religion Critics and Historians, Atheists, Conservative Atheists, Agnostics, and Naturalists.

Freethought Radio is your radio station. It’s your platform for your message and that is what it always will be. I am proud of and greatly admire all the personalities that broadcast or have broadcasted through Freethought Radio; people such as David Eller, Jeff Dee and Company, Damian Bishop, James Nash, Alleee and Francoise, Atheistar, Lauren and Jan Floyd, Reverend Jeremiah, Apostate Annie, JMP Murphy, Marie Castle and the Atheist Alliance, Reggie Finley the Infidel Guy, Clay Jenkinson aka Thomas Jefferson , James Randi, Karen Armstrong, Peter Stanford and many, many others. Also recognized are our two newest additions; The Universists and The American Heathen himself, RJ Evans!


That's why I do what I do!

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Recently [...] I joined the Pacifica Foundation. This gives Freethought Radio access to much of the programming that's heard on Public Radio. Shows such as Democracy Now!, Counterspin, Free Speech Radio News, Flashpoints!, Between the Lines, and many, many others AND two live satellite feeds. This allows me to intelligently combine our non-main stream views and non-theist programming into the same 24/7 internet radio station with very well accepted and very well known main stream programming. The extreme left and right voices are seldom heard. This is an intelligent and strategic move to the middle, is good stuff and good news for the atheist community.

Don Souza, Founder